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Polytechnic Advanced Diploma

Country: Singapore

Completed qualification

If you completed this qualification at one of the institutions previously listed you may be eligible for credit transfer up to:

  • 90 credits at OU level 2

Evidence you will need to provide

We are unable to confirm the exact amount of credit that you will be awarded until we have received your formal application for credit transfer.

With your application you will need to provide your certificate of completion (if applicable), your academic transcripts and depending on which OU qualification you wish to study you may also need to provide syllabus information. When do we need to see syllabus information? You will also need to provide an official signed/ stamped translation of any documents that are in a language other than English.

If you have only completed part of this qualification we may be able to consider you for a partial award of the credit shown above. If you can provide evidence that you have completed a whole component of the qualification at the higher education level, such as a complete year, semester or module and that you were successful in completing the assessment of this part of the qualification (e.g. end of module examination).

You will need to provide particular evidence in order for us to award credit transfer for a partly completed overseas qualification.

Already studied?

 If you have already studied with the OU please sign in to make sure that you get the credit transfer information that is relevant to you. 

Contact us

If you have any queries about applying for credit transfer please feel free to contact us using the link below.

Please try to include:

  • which qualification you completed
  • the organisation you completed it through
  • when you completed it
  • which OU qualification you would like to transfer to

Contact us about credit transfer.

If you have general questions about the University feel free to contact us.

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