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List of Institutions in this country

  • Academy for Banking & Financial Studies (fomerly known as the High Institute for Banking and Financial Studies until 1993)
  • Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology (until 2007)
  • Africa University College, Khartoum
  • Ahfad University for Women, Omdurman
  • Al Damazin Technical College
  • Al Fashir University
  • Al Neelain University (Khartoum Branch of the University of Cairo until 1991)
  • Al Qadarif Technical College
  • Al Sharq College (East College), Kassala
  • Al Yarmouk College
  • Bayan Science and Technology College
  • Bentiu Technical College
  • Canadian Sudanese College
  • College of Aviation Sciences, Khartoum
  • College of Technological Sciences
  • Comboni College
  • Computerman College for Computer Sciences, Khartoum
  • El Imam Al Hadi College
  • El Mashreq College for Science and Technology
  • El Naser Technical College, Omdurman
  • El Razi College for Medical and Health Sciences
  • El-Sheikh Abd Allah Al-Badri College
  • El-Sheikh Abd Allah Al-Badri Health College
  • Emirates College
  • Garden City College for Science & Technology
  • Gezira College of Technology
  • Higher Institute for Banking Studies, Khartoum
  • International University of Africa
  • Islamic Institute for Translation
  • Karary University
  • Kassala Technical College
  • Khartoum College for Applied Studies, Khartoum
  • Khartoum College for Medical Science
  • Khartoum North College
  • Khartoum Technical College
  • Kinanah Technical College
  • Meilaik College for Social Development
  • Meroe Technical College
  • National College
  • Nyala Technical College
  • Omdurman Ahlia University, Omdurman
  • Omdurman Islamic University
  • Osman Digna College
  • Port Sudan Technical College
  • Rabak Technical College
  • Ribat National University
  • Sharq Al Nil College (East Nile College)
  • Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences
  • Sudan Academy of Administrative Sciences
  • Sudan Academy of Sciences
  • Sudan International University
  • Sudan Open University
  • Sudan University for Sciences and Technology
  • Sudanese Jordanian College for Science and Technology
  • The High Institute of Zakat Science
  • Umm Ruwaba Technical College
  • University of Al Gadarif
  • University of Al Imam Al Mahadi
  • University of Bahr El-Gazal
  • University of Bakht El-Ruda
  • University of Blue Nile
  • University of Dongola
  • University of El Dalanj
  • University of Gezira
  • University of Juba
  • University of Kassala
  • University of Khartoum
  • University of Kordofan
  • University of Medical Sciences and Technology
  • University of Nayyala
  • University of Sennar
  • University of Shendi
  • University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences
  • University of the Nile Valley
  • University of the Red Sea
  • University of Upper Nile
  • University of Western Kordfan
  • University of Zalinji
  • Wad Medani College
  • Wad Medani Technical College
  • White Nile Ahlia College

No, my institution or qualification is not listed

In order to be considered for credit transfer both your previous institution and the qualification that you studied towards need to appear in the lists above. Unfortunately if either does not appear then we will not be able to consider your previous study for an award of credit transfer.

Already studied?

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Contact us

If you have any queries about applying for credit transfer please feel free to contact us using the link below.

Please try to include:

  • which qualification you completed
  • the organisation you completed it through
  • when you completed it
  • which OU qualification you would like to transfer to

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