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List of Institutions in this country

  • (MECAT), University Institute for Administration and Science, Damour (Middle East Canadian Academy of Technology), Institut Universitaire pour l'administration et les sciences
  • Al Kafaat Higher Institute for Technology/Higher Institute of Education, Le Campus Libano-Européan de Technologie
  • Al Manar University
  • Al-Akadimiyah al-Lubnaniyah lil-Fûnûn al-Jamîlah (Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts), Beirut
  • Al-Bekaa University, Université de Bekaa
  • Al-Jâmil'ah al-Lubnaniyah (Lebanese University), Beirut
  • Al-Matan University Institute for Technology, Institut Universitaire de Al-Matan pour la Technologie
  • American University College of Science and Technology AUST, Collège Universitaire Américain de Sciences et de Technologie
  • American University College of Technology AUCT, Collège Universitaire Américain de Technologie
  • American University of Beirut 
  • Antonine University UPA, Université Antonine UPA
  • Arab Open University
  • Armenian Haigazian College - offers Bachelor degrees. The medium of instruction is English.
  • Beirut Arab University
  • Beirut Arab University - operates on a 1er from the University of Alexandria (Egypt). Arabic is the medium of instruction, except in the Departments of English and Architecture, which use English.
  • Beirut Islamic University, Université Islamique de Beirut
  • Beirut University College
  • Beirut University College (formaly Lebanese American University)
  • Business and Computer University College, Institut Universitaire d'Affaires et d'Informatique
  • C & E American University Institute, Institut Universitaire Americain de C & E
  • Centre d`Etudes Supérieures
  • Centre d'Etudes Supérieures - affiliated to the University of Lyon. Offers four-year Licence.
  • Dawa University Institute for Islamic Studies, Institut Universitaire de Dawa pour les Etudes Islamiques
  • Ecole Superieure des Affaires
  • Global University
  • Haigazian College
  • Haigazian University
  • Hariri-Canadian University Institute for Science and Technology, Institut de l'université Hariri - Canadien pour la science et la technologie (HCI )
  • Higher Institute of Business EPA, Ecole Supérieure d'Affaires
  • Higher International Institute of Management, Ecole Supérieure et Internationale de Gestion
  • Holy Family Higher Institute for Nursing Science and Physical Therapy, Batroun, Institut Universitaire Sainte Famille
  • Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
  • Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (Université Saint - Esprit de Kaslik) - now provides courses in subjects other than Theology. English and predominantly French, are the languages of instruction.
  • Imam Ouzai College, Collège Imam Ouzai
  • Institut Saint-Paul de l'Enseignement supérieur (Institute Saint Paul) Harissa via Jounieh
  • Institut Universitaire Technique de Saida (IUT) (Technical University Institute of Saida)
  • Institute of Islamic Studies
  • Institute of Islamic Studies - offers Bachelor degrees and an MA in Islamic Studies.
  • Islamic University of Lebanon (al-Jaamiá al-Islamiyya fi Lubnan) (previously the Islamic University of Beirut)
  • Jâmil'at Bâyrut al-'Arabiya (Beirut Arab University), Beirut
  • Jinan University, Tripoli
  • Jooya University Institute for Technology, Institut Universitaire de Jooya pour la Technologie
  • Kulliyat Al-Imam Al-Ouzai li-Dirasat Al-Islamiyya, Beirut
  • Kulliyat Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Beirut
  • Kulliyat Idarat Al-Amal Al-Islamiya, Beirut
  • La Sagesse University, Faculty of Law
  • Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts ALBA (affiliated to University of Balamand), Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts ALBA
  • Lebanese American University (formerly Beirut University College) - originally for women. The College is affiliated to New York State University and offers American-type courses up to the Bachelor degree.
  • Lebanese International University
  • Lebanese University
  • Lebanese University - medium of instruction varies between Arabic, French and English, depending on the faculty.
  • Ma'had al-Hikmat al-Ali li-l-Huqûq, Beirut
  • Ma'had Haïkazian (Haigazian University College), Beirut
  • Makassed University
  • Matn University and Institute of Technology
  • Middle East University
  • Near East College of Theology, Collège du Proche-Orient pour la Théologie
  • Sidon University Institute for Dental Laboratory Technology, Institut Universitaire de Sidon pour la Technologie des Laboratoires Dentales
  • St Paul Institute for Philosophy and Theology, Institut St Paul pour la Philosophie et la Théologie
  • Université Notre-Dame, Louaizé
  • Université Saint-Esprit (University of the Holy Ghost), Jounieh
  • Université St Joseph
  • Université St Joseph - administered by the Society of Jesus and strongly linked to the University of Lyon. The language of instruction is French. Qualifications awarded include 2-year diplomas, the Licence, Maîtrise, higher diplomas and Doctoral degrees.
  • University Centre for Technology CUT, Centre Universitaire de Technologie CUT
  • University Institute for Technology, Arca ARCATECH, Institut Universitaire pour la Technology - Arca ARCATECH
  • University of Balamand
  • University of Luwayzeh

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