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List of Institutions in this country

  • Ajloun College
  • Al-Ahiyya Amman University
  • Al-Andalus College
  • Al-Balqa' Applied University
  • Al-Bayt University
  • Al-Elbeit University
  • Al-Hashimiyah University (Zarka Public University)
  • Al-Hussein Bin Talal University
  • Al-Husun Polytechnic
  • Al-Isra University
  • Al-Karak College
  • Al-Khawarizmi College
  • Al-Mafraq College
  • Al-Qadisiyah College
  • Al-Quds College
  • Al-Razi College
  • Al-Salt College
  • Al-Shoubak College
  • Al-Tafilah Polytechnic
  • Al-Zarqa Private College
  • Al-Zarqa State College
  • Al-Zaytoonah University
  • Amman Al-Ahliyya (Private) University
  • Amman Arab University (Private) for Higher Studies
  • Amman College
  • Amman College of Technological Engineering College
  • Amman National University
  • Amman Training Center
  • Amman University College for Applied Engineering
  • Amoun College for Hotel Education
  • Applied Science University
  • Applied Statistical Training Center
  • Aqaba University College
  • Banking Studies Institute
  • College of Agricultural Technology
  • College of Dawa and Usul al-Din
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Islamic Sciences
  • College of Medical Assistant Professions, Irbid
  • College of Medical Assistant Professions, Yajooz
  • College of Medical Services for Paramedical Professions
  • College of Planning and Administration
  • Cordoba College
  • Granada College
  • Hashemite University (Zarka Public University)
  • Hijjawi College of Technology, which is affiliated to Yarmouk University
  • Hittien College
  • Hotel Management College
  • Husn College for Engineering Professions
  • Ibn-Khaldoon College
  • Information Technology Institute
  • Information Technology Institute Marka
  • Information Technology Institute, Irbid
  • Institute of Banking Studies
  • Intermediate Islamic College
  • Irbid College
  • Irbid National University
  • Islamic Sciences College
  • Israa' University
  • Jerash University
  • Jordan Academy of Music (Higher Institute of Music)
  • Jordan University for Women
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology, formerly part of Yarmouk University
  • Jordanian College of Science and Technology, Irbid
  • Jordanian-Canadian College
  • Karak College
  • Khawarizmi College
  • Ma'an College
  • Mafraq Private College
  • Medical Equipment Technology Institute
  • Mu'tah University
  • Nusayba Al-Maazaniya College for Nursing and Midwifery
  • Occupational Safety and Health Institute, Amman
  • Occupational Therapy College
  • Petra University (entitled to award Bachelor degrees only)
  • Philadelphia University
  • Prince Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein Military Technical College
  • Prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi College of Science and InformationTechnology
  • Prince Faisal Technical College
  • Prince Hassan Military College for Islamic Sciences
  • Princess Alia College
  • Princess Rahma College
  • Princess Sarvath College
  • Princess Sumaya College
  • Princess Sumaya University College for Technology
  • Princess Tharwat College
  • Qadissya College
  • Queen Alia College
  • Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College
  • Rafida Islamia College of Nursing
  • Razi College
  • Royal Geographic Center College
  • Royal Medical Services College
  • Sharif Naser Bin Jamil College
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Institute
  • Specialized Institute for Chemical Industries
  • Specialized Institute for Metal Industries
  • Tafila Applied College
  • Tafila Technical University
  • Telecommunications College
  • The Arab Academy of Banking and Finance
  • The Arab College
  • The Arab Community College
  • The Arab Open University
  • The Intermediate University College
  • The Islamic Community College
  • The University of Jordan
  • Toledo College for Hotel and Tourism Science
  • Training and Development Institute
  • Training and Testing Institute
  • Training Center for Drivers
  • Training Center for Press Printing
  • University College of Educational Sciences
  • UNRWA Directorate of Education, University College of Educational Sciences
  • Vocational Training Center, Ain-Elbasha
  • Vocational Training Center, Al Ghor Al Awsat
  • Vocational Training Center, Aqaba
  • Vocational Training Center, Bayt Rass
  • Vocational Training Center, Ghor Safi
  • Vocational Training Center, Hakama
  • Vocational Training Center, Hashimiah
  • Vocational Training Center, Irbid
  • Vocational Training Center, Karak (women)
  • Vocational Training Center, Khazan
  • Vocational Training Center, Maan
  • Vocational Training Center, Madaba
  • Vocational Training Center, Marka
  • Vocational Training Center, Mashara
  • Vocational Training Center, Moab (men)
  • Vocational Training Center, Moab (women)
  • Vocational Training Center, Quesmeh
  • Vocational Training Center, Ramtha
  • Vocational Training Center, Sahab
  • Vocational Training Center, Tafeileh (men)
  • Vocational Training Center, Tafeileh (women)
  • Vocational Training Center, Thlail
  • Vocational Training Center, Zarka
  • Vocational Training Center,Yajooz
  • Wadi Al-Seer Center
  • Yarmouk University
  • Zarka Private University
  • Zarqa' Private College
  • Zarqa' Public College

No, my institution or qualification is not listed

In order to be considered for credit transfer both your previous institution and the qualification that you studied towards need to appear in the lists above. Unfortunately if either does not appear then we will not be able to consider your previous study for an award of credit transfer.

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Please try to include:

  • which qualification you completed
  • the organisation you completed it through
  • when you completed it
  • which OU qualification you would like to transfer to

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